Solving known problems
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Before you start

Download or update the broadcast software that you use and make sure that the latest version is installed. The service supports all popular broadcast software. We recommend using OBS Studio.

Main reasons why campaigns may refuse to launch

  • You did not complete the information on your profile. In this case, the service will not be able to choose the right campaigns for you.

  • Too little time has passed since the last campaign break during your stream. Each sponsor has his own requirements on frequency during every live stream. You can see the campaign frequency in more detail in the In-stream Campaigns section.

  • The daily limit or the campaign daily limit ran out. Don’t worry and try again tomorrow. You can see limits in more detail in the In-stream Campaigns section.

  • Technical difficulties with the service. We publish information on all issues on our Discord, Facebook, Twitter.

  • Technical difficulties on the creator's side.

Add the website and the Creators Dashboard into the AdBlock white list

Adblocker negatively affects the service - Send previews may not work. To do this, turn off AdBlock, or add the site to the white list.

If this does not help, it means that another browser extension is blocking the service. Try incognito mode and another browser.

Frizzy video or images in the live stream

Enable or disable the Enable Browser Source Hardware Acceleration in SettingsAdvancedSources in the OBS settings or their analog. Most times this gets rid of the frizz.

Check the source order

The widget may be obstructed by another resource. It is important that the widget is at the very top of the list. Test widget with click Send preview button in Settings section.

Update the browser cache

Go to widget settings in Sources and reset the cache with the Refresh Cache of Current Page button. Then relaunch the broadcast software.

Reinstall / setup widget

Disable or add a broadcast software in the anti-virus or firewall white-list

Third-party firewalls (Kaspersky etc.), as well as the built-in Windows firewall, can block the correct work of the broadcast program. Add the program to the white-list or disable the blocker for the broadcast software.

Restart the computer after making changes in your antivirus or firewall.

Completely clearing the OBS cache

  • Close OBS Studio

  • Press Windows + R

  • At the command prompt, type: %appdata%\obs-studio\plugin_config\obs-browser

  • Delete the folder, reopen the program and reinstall Uplify widget

Configure IPv6

Spell out Google's public DNS in your IPv6 settings. The instructions are easy to find in any search, example →.

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