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Please be sure to use the latest version of the broadcast software.

Uplify service can be integrated with all popular broadcast software programs, but we recommend using OBS Studio β†’

Setting up your widget is one of the most important aspects to work with Uplify. Your channel page will be where your viewers and other users can find information about you and your broadcast.

Go to Settings section and click Copy link button.

Integrate widget link to broadcast software, OBS for example:

Add a new source Browser and select the following parameters:

  • Paste widget link to URL

  • Set parameters Width to 1920 and Height to 1080

    πŸ”₯ Please make sure size parameters are correct.
    It's a common mistake to keep parameters by default like 800 x 600.

    If the broadcast parameter is 720p, please set Width to 1280 and Height to 720.

  • Enable Control audio via OBS

  • Set FPS to 30

  • Enable Shutdown source when not visible

  • Enable Refresh browser when scene becomes active

  • Set Page permissions to Full access to OBS

  • Click Refresh Cache of Current Page button

Save settings, check source order at the scene. Uplify's widget should be on top of all other sources.

Test widget with click Send preview button in Settings section. You will get test campaigns in the broadcast software.

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