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We are introducing a new way for streamers to earn income from their viewers without the need for donations.
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Streamers can now provide a simple way for viewers to support them without the need for donations by creating a support page. Viewers can visit this page and the streamer will earn income from each visit.

As a streamer, you can also monetize your channel by displaying ads on your support page and by offering a video for viewers to watch in exchange for participation in voting. This not only generates income for you but also allows viewers to be more engaged and involved in the development of your channel.

  • Each visit to this page generates income for you

  • Each watch video generates extra income for you

The page setup is available in your dashboard under Freemium section.

Increase viewer engagement with goal and vote poll features. By setting a goal and creating a vote poll, you can encourage your viewers to participate in supporting your stream.

All that is required from your viewers is a simple visit to your page and watching a video. This is enabled by default. You can access your page by following the link in the "Your page" section.

To increase viewer engagement, you also have the option to create a goal and conduct a poll. These settings can be found in the "Set a goal" and "Set a new poll" sections.

Additionally, notifications will be displayed during your livestream, which can increase viewer engagement. These can be configured in the "Stream alerts" section.

Goal and poll

Only viewers who watch a short promotional video will be eligible to vote, and for each video view, you will receive income. This not only provides an additional revenue stream, but also allows your viewers to participate and show their support as top contributors.

To access this feature, simply create a goal and vote poll on your stream. Promote the video to your viewers and watch as they engage and support your stream in new ways.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to increase viewer engagement and revenue. Try out goal and vote poll feature today.

Stream alerts

Interact with your viewers in real-time. Each visit to your page now functions like a donation and will be displayed on your livestream. You can customize the display of these alerts in the "Stream Alerts" section of your settings. This allows your viewers to show their support and engagement in a new and interactive way.

The support page allows for a constant stream of income as all the money earned goes directly to your account. The page is available 24/7, so you can share the link with your viewers and they can continue to support you even when you are not live streaming.


How to setup a goal

Creating a Goal:

  1. Navigate to the goal creation page.

  2. Fill in the following fields: Goal Title, Goal Description, Goal Amount, and Current Progress.

  3. If you wish to hide the goal amount from your viewers, uncheck the "Publicity" box.

  4. Remember, only one goal can be active at a time. To update or change a goal, you have the option to either delete the current goal or edit it.

How to setup vote poll

Creating a Poll:

  1. Navigate to the poll creation page.

  2. Fill in the following fields: Question, Responses, and Duration in minutes (up to 60 minutes).

  3. Remember, only one poll can be active at a time. To update or change a poll, you have the option to either delete the current poll or edit it.

  4. Only viewers who have watched the promotional video will be eligible to participate in voting and ranking.

How viewer’s Adblock affect my income

If a viewer has Adblock enabled, visiting a page that generates income will not be counted. An error message will be displayed to the viewer indicating that their visit was not counted due to Adblock being enabled. In order to support the streamer, the viewer will need to disable Adblock on the page before visiting again.

How do I know my income?

View your income for the last 30 days and all-time under the "Supporters" section. The income will automatically be added to your wallet and will be available for withdrawal once the minimum payout amount has been reached.

How much money I can make from the support page

The amount of income generated from views on your personal page can vary depending on a number of factors, including the number of viewers, viewer engagement, country, city, language, and time of year.

You can view an approximate amount in the "Community Impact" block on your personal page. If there is not enough data, the system will continue to gather information over time to provide more accurate estimates.

Why did my income decrease?

The process of clearing funds can be divided into several stages. First, there are funds that are in the "pending" status, which means they have been earned but are currently being reviewed for compliance with advertising terms and conditions. These funds will not be available for withdrawal until the review is completed and they are cleared. It usually takes one to three days.

Once the funds have been cleared, they will be marked as "approved" and will be available for withdrawal. This process is put in place to ensure that all earnings are legitimate and comply with advertising policies. Note that this process may affect your goal, as the cleared balance may be reduced.

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