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My Sponsors extension
My Sponsors extension
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What is My Sponsors extension and how to install it for Twitch

The My Sponsors extensions will be shown as a panel in your Twitch About me section. Inside the panel could be shown banners from the sponsors available for creators on Uplify.

You can manage which sponsors you would like to show inside the My sponsors' panel and in which available slot in Twitch settings this panel should be shown.

How to Install My Sponsor extension

Install the extension from the Twitch Extensions

  • Find My Sponsor extension via search or go to the link.

  • Simple click Install after you have found an Extension. The new extension will be added to your My Extensions list.

You may need to configure it. We recommend that you check the configuration.

Extension's configuration page

After you have added an extension, you just need to be signed up on Uplify to start using it. If you are already a registered user then nothing else to do for the configuration.

Option #1

If you are registered in the system, no additional actions are required. All your sponsors that you work with will be automatically displayed in the extension.

Option #2

If you are not registered, you must complete your registration and select sponsors with whom you would like to work.

Activate the extensions

Activate your extension by selecting the Activate drop-down and selecting the Set As Panel option, as shown below.

More information on how extensions work you can find out at Twitch Help โ†’

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