How much can I earn?
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How campaign revenue is calculated

Campaign revenue depends on a variety of factors, such as audience size, campaign availability, language and geography, time of year, etc. The main ones are reflected in the detailed campaign information in the In-stream Campaigns section.

Revenue and potential revenue

Shows your current revenue for actual impressions. This revenue is expressed as a general sum and is located in the Wallet section.

Potential revenue is calculated by the following formula: total limit / 1000 * price per 1000 views

For example, the total limit of 300 000 with a price of $5 per 1000 views - potential income will be 300 000 / 1000 * 5 = $1500 for this specific campaign.

The figures below indicate the average observed total creator revenue increase from running campaigns, when all campaigns price $5:

Campaigns shown / hour

CCV (11-100)

CCV (101-4000)

CCV (4000+)

3 campaigns

up to $1,5

up to $60

avg $150

6 campaigns

up to $3

up to $120

avg $300


This is the main parameter that is accounted for during campaign breaks. The more viewers see your live stream, the more views you get and the higher your revenue. This applies to campaigns that pay for views.

The principles of this kind of campaigns are the same for all creators, and nothing is required on the viewer's side. Viewers see campaign inserts when the creator turns them on during the live stream in manual mode, or if he turns on automatic mode. Nothing more is required from the viewers or the creator. You are paid for actual views - every 1000.

Daily limit and total limit

Every creator has an individual daily limit based on a lot of parameters. This number depends on the overall CTR effectiveness, viewer count, streaming hours, service loyalty, etc.

The total limit is calculated by the following formula: daily limit * campaign duration in days. For example, your daily limit is 5000 and the campaign lasts for 30 days - total limit will be 5000 * 30 = 150 000.

Clicks and CTR

This is an important parameter, based on which the sponsor makes a decision on whether collaborating with the content creator will be effective.

CTR is calculated by the following formula: (number of clicks / number of views ) * 100. Click stats are measured by links in chats, banners, QR codes. The overall effectiveness of the campaigns that are show at the stream depends on them.

Based on the overall effectiveness, various sponsors can decide to launch more expensive campaigns during your live stream or disable the campaign in case of low effectiveness. We will advise you as to what CTR is average for a specific campaign to make it easier to navigate your effectiveness.


This parameter is set by the sponsor: he decides at what frequency to show his campaigns to each creator. Potential options: once an hour, 2 times an hour, X times a day/week/month, X times per unique viewer.

Price for 1000 views

Price for 1000 views depends on the campaigns format, category, frequency on our platform, and other parameters. It is individual for every campaign.

Author tier

Not all creators are equally effective by CTR, views size, streaming hours and other parameters that are important to us and to sponsors.

We account for many parameters: for example, a creator with a verified campaign placement history will rank higher than a new user.

Every 1st day of a new month the system recalculates the author tier and grades it on a scale 1 to 5. If the tier is more than 1, lowering coefficients are applied to the creator's limits and the price for 1000 views. That way the system reinforces effective creators and lowers the potential revenue of those who are less effective since sponsors are not interested in working with creators who is not as effective.

How to make more with Uplify

  • Call your viewers to action. The more actions your viewers perform during the campaign breaks, the more effective your live stream is and the higher your CTR. And that means that our system will create more profitable terms for you.

  • Share campaign links. You can place the campaign link in the banner below the stream or share it on your social media.

  • Regularly air breaks through the service. The system reinforces loyal creators and will provide more limits.

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