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In-stream campaign management
In-stream campaign management
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Basic information

In-stream Campaigns section contains all relevant information on available campaigns. Campaigns are sorted by category: active, inactive, unavailable, and completed.

Active campaigns

Campaign available at the present moment. You can turn the campaign off at any time and it will go inactive.

Inactive campaigns

Campaign is either turned off or was removed via Categories to ignore. You can turn on the campaign at any time and it will go active.

Unavailable campaigns

Unavailable to you personally or were turned off by the moderator.

Completed campaigns

Campaign passed their activity date.

For every campaign, you can see the available daily limit, potential revenue, CTR and dates.

  • Daily limit is the accessible personal campaign impressions per day

  • Potential revenue is a sum you can potentially make via the campaign.

  • CTR is the indicator of how campaigns perform on your live stream. The higher the number, the better.


  • Daily limit depleted β€” your personal daily limit of campaign impressions for today is over, come back after reset.

  • Total limit depleted β€” the daily limit of campaign impressions for today is over for everyone, come after reset.

  • If you didn't have enough limits for today, don't feel bad ❀️

    Come back next day after the reset!

Additional information

Click on the campaign, you will see detailed information about it. Detailed information contains the following statistic:

Daily limit

Available personal campaign impressions per day.

Campaign limits

The overall personal campaign impressions limit for the entire campaign.


How many times viewers click your personal link


Indicator of how campaigns perform on your live stream. The higher the number, the better.

Current revenue

How much you made in the current moment.

Potential revenue

What is the highest possible revenue for the entire campaign.


How many times sponsor is ready to place their campaigns regardless of your frequency settings

Also available: dates, price per 1000 views, payment type, campaigns format, and sponsors category, campaign description, campaign and chat message preview.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I control campaign categories to ignore?

To turn off or on any campaign category, go to the Settings section and choose the category from the list.

These campaigns will go into the Inactive campaigns category in the In-stream Campaigns section. You can manage them one by one and turn them on and off at any moment.

What time zones are used on the limit reset?

Daily limit in our system reset in UTC.

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