Campaign formats
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We work hard to make sure all creators have a consistent experience and use non-disruptive sponsorship campaigns. Our aim is to keep enhancing the campaign experience to be more rewarding for creators and less annoying for viewers.

How sponsorships usually work on Uplify


  • Overlay 15%

  • Overlay 50%

  • Custom experience


  • Popup

  • Voting

  • Quiz


Overlay 15%

Overlay 15% lets viewers keep watching the stream and hearing creators even when there's a campaign integration, providing a smooth viewing experience.

Overlay 50%

Overlay 50% allows viewers to watch the stream and hear creators even during a campaign, making the viewing experience seamless.

Custom experience

With the custom experience, viewers can continue watching the stream and listening to creators even during a campaign integration, giving a seamless viewing and extra engagement with live action creative.



A viewer-friendly format that allows each viewer to interact with sponsored content without interruptions.


A friendly format where viewers can join in voting and optionally get rewards without any disruptions.


A user-friendly style where viewers can take part in a quiz and optionally get rewards without any disruptions.

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