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With Uplify creators can turn passions into careers or get a little bit back for doing something they love. Every creator's content is unique, but not all monetization services pay attention to that, just like not all viewers are able to support their favorite creators via donations or subscriptions.

That’s why we are serving up all kinds of tools that can help you start making money. Read up on your options and then decide what’s best for your community.

Way to Earn


In-stream Campaigns

Campaigns generate revenue for Creators and can be seen by viewers. Creator opts to control campaigns on their dashboard.


New monetization features coming soon.

When you’re ready to start making money, you’ll want to make sure you complete setup widget.

Available monetization tools

For creators, campaigns is not just a way to make live streams more well-balanced for the viewers, but also an effective money-making instrument. We understand that, and therefore we offer you an instrument for monetizing content - payment for placing campaigns and sponsorships into your live streams - the simplest and most convenient way to support the development of your channel without wasting your money.

Campaigns that pay for views

The principles of this kind of campaign are the same for all creators, and nothing is required on the viewer's side. Viewers see campaign inserts when the creator turns them on during the live stream in manual mode, or if he turns on automatic mode. Nothing more is required from the viewers or the creator. You are paid for actual views - every 1000.

Campaigns that pay for actions (aka performance)

The principles of this kind of campaign are the same for all creators, but specific actions are required on the viewers’ side. Viewers see campaign inserts when the creator turns them on during the live stream in manual mode, or if he turns on automatic mode. Viewers must click the provided link or doing another action.

Payment occurs after goal action on the viewers’ side, such as purchases or registration via your link.

Best practices

We’ve done some research and found out which advertising strategies are most effective on live stream.

  • Warn your viewers that a sponsored pause is about to begin: if creators or moderators launch campaigns in manual mode, they should let the viewers know when they are about to do it. Creators that use instruments for automatic mode ad launch receive a notification from the service a minute before the ad goes live.

  • Do not use campaigns at the beginning or the end of your live stream: campaigns in the first minute of the stream typically lowers the view count because the viewers see it before the content that they came to see. Ads in the end or right after the stream are not effective, since viewer numbers drop significantly by the end of the stream.

  • Start by one campaign per hour: we recommend placing a video campaign once every hour, this is a great opportunity to take a little break. Increase interactions with your viewers so they would not see this change in a negative until you reach the recommended and most profitable frequency of 2 campaigns per hour.

  • Delegate or automatize your campaigns: we know how difficult it is to consistently launch campaigns by hand, and therefore we recommend using automatic mode ad launchers. As an alternative, you can reach out to trusted moderators who can do that in your name.

  • Do not place campaigns more often than once every 15 minutes: intrusive sponsorships repulse viewers. The most feasible duration of one ad block is 1 to 3 minutes, our block lasts for 1 minute 30 seconds at the longest.

  • In order to increase your CTR, you can personally urge viewers to act and research the partner offers in order to support the creator.

  • Do not make the viewers feel guilty if they cannot afford to use the offer. They are already supporting you by watching your streams and using the chat.

  • Don’t be shy to discuss money. Your viewers want to support you, but they don’t always have know-how.

Who can make money on micro-sponsorships?

All creators can make money on sponsorships regardless of the viewers or their subscriber count. The more views your stream gets, the higher your sponsorship revenue.

sponsored blocks last from 30 seconds to a minute and a half, and the revenue the author gets from them depends on the view count: the more people see the campaign, the more money you can make. We recommend launching campaigns in the middle of the stream, when your views are the highest, as opposed to the very beginning or the very end.

Sponsorship placement rules

We stand for a healthy community! Therefore, we do not recommend using our service that breaks the following rules:

  • Creators who break Uplify platform rules

  • Creators who use various online subscriber count developments

  • Creators who negatively view the brand they are promoting

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