Running In-stream campaigns
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Campaigns Manager

Campaigns manager provides a set-and-forget campaign scheduler available to all creators. It allows you to set your campaign schedules once and for all — no more thinking about campaign break timing, just creating awesome content. Of course, you remain free to manually run campaigns via your quick actions Run campaign button.

Use the Campaign Manager to set your preferred campaign frequency, Picture-in-Picture position, and manage campaigns at your live stream in Auto or Manual mode.

First campaign delay

Your campaign manager won’t kick off for up to 10 minutes after you’ve gone live, so campaigns won’t run while you warm up, or after switch between Auto and Manual mode.

Disable campaign breaks

When a creator runs a campaign break, campaigns will be disabled for the next 15 minutes.

Auto mode

In this mode, the platform will automatically send campaigns to the live stream. The most popular campaign format is Picture-in-Picture video without sound.

You can control the frequency of Fullscreen video campaign breaks at your stream. Select 30 or 60 min breaks between the Fullscreen video campaign breaks.

Banner or Picture-in-picture video with no sound may appear in between fullscreen video campaign breaks. You can choose in which corner a small video will be placed.

One minute before the campaign break starts, you will receive a notification in the live stream with a countdown.

Manual mode

In this mode, you yourself control the campaigns in your live stream. You can run it by pressing the Run campaign button

You can run campaigns manually when broadcast, extension, widget, and chatbot are active. As soon as campaigns are available, the button will unlock.

After you press it, a 15-second notification about the start of campaigns in the live stream will start.

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