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The Creator Dashboard is the home for monetizing, analyze and grow the audience on Uplify. You can manage your campaigns, view analytics, edit preferences, or access tools to help you improve your stream.

We’ve been working hard to update the Creator Dashboard, we hope you like it and look forward to your feedback!


Home is the default page for all creators that surfaces customized useful information.

In-stream Campaigns

This section contains all in-stream campaigns available on your channel.


This section contains your current balance, a list of your payouts methods, and payout history.


Manage your campaigns, chatbot, extension and you’ll find options pertaining to your revenue/monetization settings.


Manage your profile settings and edit email, broadcast language, country, gender, year of birth.

We highly recommend verifying your email to your account later on. Additionally verifying your email address will:

  • Allow us to send you notifications with useful information.

  • Allow for account recovery should you lose access to your account.

What's new

We use this link to share the latest product changes and policy updates that impact the creator community, so you don't have to check anywhere else.

To see if there are any new updates, look out for the number icon at the left sidebar of your Creator Dashboard, which will be a red dot with a number if you have any new updates.

Platform language

To change your site language, click on the language section at the left sidebar of your Creator Dashboard.

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